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VectorBT PRO (vectorbtpro) is hosted in a private repository on GitHub. Access to the repository is licensed and granted by invitation only on a paid basis. Users pay for continued access to the repository, including updates, support, and maintenance. If your PRO license expires, your software or system will not break down and will keep working fine with your most recent version by that time. However, if you discontinue your paid license, you will lose any updates and (critical) bug fixes that follow.

Important note

It is illegal to vendor, publish, distribute, or commercialize the vectorbtpro source code without a separate permission. Violation of the licensing terms will trigger a ban followed by a legal pursuit.

Any licensed user, developer, team, or company that has obtained paid access to the vectorbtpro repository from us can use vectorbtpro as a dependency, subject to the terms and limitations of the paid subscription plans. Licensees can use, copy, and modify vectorbtpro as long as they do not vend, publish, distribute, or commercialize the source code of vectorbtpro. It is allowed to specify vectorbtpro as a dependency for your software as long as you do not include a copy of the vectorbtpro source code in your software. If you are a software developer, you should specify vectorbtpro as a requirement. The end-user of your software is responsible for obtaining their own individual PRO license. The best practice is to make it clear in your documentation or on your website.